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Music Director - Paul May
Practices - at OLMC Parish Hall
Thursday Evening at 7:00 PM For Everyone - Choir
(if you are 10 minutes early you are on time)


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Music notes for  July 18/19, 2015

Hello Choir!

The first couple weeks are always a fun transition, and I am getting my sea legs! My apologies for the late-ness of this email, but I am getting acquainted with all of the resources. 

A few announcements.

  • Thank you for a great first week together! 
  • Rehearsal is Tuesday 7/14/15 @ 7pm
  • Thursday 7/16/15 is OLMC feast day, hope to see you there! (We aren't singing for that Mass)
  • The Line-up is attached as a .pdf. If this is not preferable, I will include it in future emails.


16th Sunday in Ordinary Time - PDF (Click)